World Tennis Conference 4

Welcome to the new edition 4th World Tennis Conference by GPTCA/Segal Institute supported by ATP which the most relevant and extraordinary High Performance Tennis Conference in the world. WTC4 is integrating as main speakers, Top Tennis Coaches, Experts, Scientists, Tennis Legends, Key Leaders who are sharing very specific information in online presentations and multiple workshops which you can watch repeatedly for many times. All speakers are bringing key fundamental concepts, principles, ideas, recommendations and multiple aspects for the development of Highly Competitive Worldwide Tennis Players in your process. 

Be part of WTC4 Unleashing your Potential, Fostering Excellence!!

  • Learn from the Best

    The conference brings together many of the most prominent ATP/WTA coaches on the circuit, also including elite coaches, Grand Slam Champions, legends and leading professionals in the industry. You will have direct access to their knowledge and experience of success with recommendations on concepts, principles and methodologies to apply. One concept, one idea can change your entire daily work schedule.

  • Be at the forefront

    The World Tennis Conference 4 focuses on the most current topics in high-performance tennis. Take the opportunity to stay updated on the latest trends, strategies and advances that are transforming the game in Tactics, Analytics, Sports Sciences applied to Tennis, biomechanics, technology, training methodologies and more.

  • Develop your Skills

    Participating in sessions and workshops designed to improve your skills and knowledge in key areas of tennis. Acquire practical tools that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

  • Find Inspiration

    Listening to the stories of success and achievements of notable tennis personalities can be a powerful source of inspiration and motivation for your own career in the sport.

  • Be different, stand out in your program

    If you have the opportunity to participate in research and share your knowledge during the conference, you will gain recognition and visibility in the tennis community, which can boost your career.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    The World Tennis Conference 4 represents a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. In listening, generating growth and being much, much better. Demonstrate your dedication to tennis and the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of this sport.

  • Build credibility

    This year we will publish in each country and organization that supports us, who has been at the conference. That makes valuable connections with other tennis professionals and organizations around the world. These connections can open doors for future collaborations and professional opportunities.

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