Play to Learn is the new Hot Shots Tennis philosophy. It directly speaks to the reasons why children between the ages of 3-10+ wish to engage in sport. In this way, we are listening to the voice of the children and acknowledging their motivations in seeking and remaining in sport participation.
All children should be encouraged to participate in sports at a level consistent with their abilities and interests.

Hot Shots Tennis has a new philosophy that embraces the key reasons why children play sport. Listening to the voices of our children and placing an emphasis on these motivations will help promote a lifetime of participation in our great game and reduce the likelihood of children dropping out. This new way of thinking positions the child at the centre of the learning experience and encourages;

As many children playing our game as possible, as long as possible, and in the best possible environment.

Safety & Inclusion

Children Safety Policy
All coaches and volunteers running Hot Shots Tennis have a valid Working With Children Check and Police Check.
Inclusivity & Accessibility
Tennis is proud to be a welcoming, safe and inclusive sport – open for all. We want Hot Shots Tennis to reflect the diversity of our communities and are committed to providing opportunities where people can get involved in tennis in a way that is meaningful for them.
Qualified Coaches & Volunteers
Qualified Tennis Australia coaches will help guide your child’s learning every step of the way. They will ensure they are playing with other kids of the same level. In a few remote and regional areas where we do not have a coach, our great club volunteers run Hot Shots Tennis. At these clubs, Hot Shots Tennis is less about coaching and more about facilitating play. Look out for “volunteer” when you search for Hot Shots Tennis at your local club.
Looking for more?
If your child is the competitive type and is already playing Hot Shots Tennis, stay updated with our next Hot Shots events & comps!
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